Block characterization

Block Schema of KIP mesh is an extension to Ethereum's block schema. The block is consisted of following:

  1. Header
type Header struct {
    ParentHash  common.Hash    `json:"parentHash"       gencodec:"required"`
    UncleHash   common.Hash    `json:"sha3Uncles"       gencodec:"required"`
    Coinbase    common.Address `json:"miner"            gencodec:"required"`
    Root        common.Hash    `json:"stateRoot"        gencodec:"required"`
    TxHash      common.Hash    `json:"transactionsRoot" gencodec:"required"`
    ReceiptHash common.Hash    `json:"receiptsRoot"     gencodec:"required"`
    Bloom       Bloom          `json:"logsBloom"        gencodec:"required"`
    Difficulty  *big.Int       `json:"difficulty"       gencodec:"required"`
    Number      *big.Int       `json:"number"           gencodec:"required"`
    GasLimit    *big.Int       `json:"gasLimit"         gencodec:"required"`
    GasUsed     *big.Int       `json:"gasUsed"          gencodec:"required"`
    Time        *big.Int       `json:"timestamp"        gencodec:"required"`
    Extra       []byte         `json:"extraData"        gencodec:"required"`
    MixDigest   common.Hash    `json:"mixHash"          gencodec:"required"`
    Nonce       BlockNonce     `json:"nonce"            gencodec:"required"`
  1. Block
type Block struct {
    header       *Header
    uncles       []*Header
    transactions Transactions

    // caches
    hash atomic.Value
    size atomic.Value

    // Td is used by package core to store the total difficulty
    // of the chain up to and including the block.
    td *big.Int

    // These fields are used by package eth to track
    // inter-peer block relay.
    ReceivedAt   time.Time
    ReceivedFrom interface{}

with an array of receipts for the given transactions:

type Transaction struct {
    data txdata
    // caches
    hash atomic.Value
    size atomic.Value
    from atomic.Value

type txdata struct {
    AccountNonce uint64          `json:"nonce"    gencodec:"required"`
    Price        *big.Int        `json:"gasPrice" gencodec:"required"`
    GasLimit     *big.Int        `json:"gas"      gencodec:"required"`
    Recipient    *common.Address `json:"to"       rlp:"nil"` // nil means contract creation
    Amount       *big.Int        `json:"value"    gencodec:"required"`
    Payload      []byte          `json:"input"    gencodec:"required"`
    TDUType      uint

    // Signature values
    V *big.Int `json:"v" gencodec:"required"`
    R *big.Int `json:"r" gencodec:"required"`
    S *big.Int `json:"s" gencodec:"required"`

    // This is only used when marshaling to JSON.
    Hash *common.Hash `json:"hash" rlp:"-"`

Consensus of published blocks happen across the network as per the "fast-follow" and "shadow-broadcast" specifications under TARA.