Recent trends and innovation in the blockchain & distributed file storage systems has tremendously impacted the landscape of research in distributed systems. More sane & understandable consensus algorithms, node management, optimized file write & retrieval techniques have been churned out in the past few years. However, most of them do not seem to have a great fit with the enterprise ecosystem as the deign rationale behind such innovations were mostly intended for a fully decentralized and transparent world.

KIP resolves this gap by converging Intelligence, Connectedness and Trust (the new ICT!) to create a fundamental digital fabric on which new digital services can be directly built using distributed intelligence.

Existing systems

The third generation of web is comprised of multi-faceted technologies with some of the stacks synonymous to an entire domain. KIP assumes a few stacks in the forefront of development as the source of research for contrast and design resolution.

We observe Ethereum[1] & its forked versions to be at the forefront in Blockchain, whereas Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerant (PBFT)[2] systems & its variants being at the forefront in connecting devices ranging from sensors to servers, and finally, neural networks & convergent expert systems that covers a fair share of gaining artificial intelligence.